January 24, 2018

Dynamic Endpoint Threat Defense

mcafee.com/activate – With the rapid increase of online threats, such as viruses, spyware, malware and Trojan horses in the digital world, a great hike has been observed in the demand of reliable security solutions. To deal with such situation, McAfee, the well-renowned online security services and solutions provider has come up with a dynamic endpoint threat defense service, which ensures comprehensive, seamless and simplified protection. The latest McAfee solution offers advanced endpoint protection, combined with instant detection and response. The exclusive features of dynamic endpoint threat defense are:

Integrated threat defense to deal with the online attackers

With the help of integrated multi-stage protection, this service collaborates and shares threat insights and takes immediate step to fight with the online threats it discovers. It generates capabilities including firewall, reputation by making the most of cutting-edge machine learning along with the other technologies.

Diagnosing the hidden threats

McAfee dynamic endpoint threat defense uses the real-time detection and response technology to unveil the hidden threats in the network. These threats are extremely harmful as they can infect every device connected to that network, in a single click. This McAfee solution takes the advantage of next-generation protection to hunt and respond to the threats at every endpoint. It then neutralizes the effect of the viruses before it actually harms your device.

Boosts capacity and minimizes complexity

Using streamlined workflow, broad visibility and action in a single view, McAfee dynamic endpoint threat defense fixes all the advanced threats in milliseconds. It then re-imagines endpoint security by establishing a strong foothold for endpoint defense. The solution follows a single-agent architecture using deep integration and automation to eliminate the viruses and enhance the protection as well as efficiency of the endpoint network.

Foundation of the Dynamic Endpoint Threat Defense

To outdo your competitors and to ensure the complete protection of your network, you should take such security solutions that take an immediate action upon detecting any threat. Keeping in mind, McAfee has integrated advanced threat protection (in Dynamic Endpoint Threat Defense) using response technology to control your exposure to the threats.

What Dynamic Endpoint Threat Defense Offers?       

McAfee Dynamic Endpoint Threat Defense fights against all the existing as well as developing threats in the digital world and protect all your devices connected to a single network. It offers:

  1. McAfee Endpoint Protection

By emphasizing integration, automation and instrumentation as the base of threat defense cycle, McAfee Dynamic Endpoint Threat Defense protects all your devices. It combines the top-notch features of machine learning to identify zero-day threats as soon as they appear. The defense cycle then streamlines to instantly find and fix the advanced attacks. What it further incorporates is:

  • McAfee Complete Endpoint Threat Protection
  • McAfee Endpoint Threat Defense
  1. McAfee Endpoint Threat Defense & Response

With this, the Dynamic Endpoint Threat Defense finds and then eliminates all advanced threats lurking in the online world. It further offers complete protection against one of the most dangerous threats, Ransomware. The main functioning of this feature is to combine static and dynamic behavior analysis for protecting your device against the malware, spyware and Trojans. It quickly discovers, stop and remediate the threats at a particular point or across the entire organization. What it further includes is-

  • Protection against Ransomware
  • Wide-threat protection
  • Security of the initial target of the attack
  • Making the most of threat intelligence
  1. McAfee Advanced Threat Defense

The advanced threat defense scans all the unknown files and applications and find outs the hidden threats in them. Once detected, the Dynamic Endpoint Threat Defense then fix the viruses or the infections immediately.

  1. McAfee Threat Intelligent Exchange

This feature ensures powerful advanced threat detection to enhance the protection of the network. It makes the use of threat intelligence and organization wide-context to figure out where the viruses are trying to attack. Once detected, it then generates a strong presence at the particular point by eliminating the exposure gap from days to milliseconds. Its main functionalities include:

  • Uncovering or discovering the hidden threats
  • Threat intelligence sharing
  • Instant investigation
  • Flexible and centralized deployment
  1. McAfee Web Protection

In addition to the devices, protection of the web is equally important. That’s because most of viruses attack from the email attachments you download, the websites you visit, and the online services you avail from the internet. The McAfee Dynamic Endpoint Threat Defense makes the use of inline file emulation to unveil the hidden as well as emerging threats in the network. The feature also prevents 99.5% of the zero-day malware in the network to reach your endpoints. What it further offers is:

  • Flexible deployment in a single package
  • Highly advanced web security
  • Complete protection for inbound as well as outbound traffic
  • Enhanced threat remediation

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